Dementias 2018 Programme

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Thursday 8th February

08.30-09.25     Registration and refreshments
09.25-09.30     Welcome and introduction
      Professor Tom Arie, C.B.E,
      Professor Emeritus of Health Care of the Elderly, Nottingham University
      Professor Alistair Burns, C.B.E,
      Professor of Old Age Psychiatry & Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences, University of Manchester
      Morning Chair: Alistair Burns, Professor of Old Age Psychiatry & Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medical and
      Human Sciences, University of Manchester
09.30-10.05     Keynote Address: Time will tell: clock drawing and brain sciences
      Professor Kenneth Shulman
      Professor, University of Toronto, Canada


10.10-10.45     Keynote Address:  Dementia in the scheme of psychiatric concerns
      Professor Wendy Burn
      President, Royal College of Psychiatrists
10.45-10.50     Discussion
10.50-11.15      The future of dementia imaging
       Professor John O'Brien
       Professor of Old Age Psychiatry, University of Cambridge
11.15-11.20     Discussion
11.20-11.50     Refreshments and exhibition viewing
11.50-12.15     Future prospects of treatment for the less common dementias
      Dr Matthew Jones
      Consultant Neurologist, Salford
12.15-12.20     Discussion
12.20-13.05     Early and accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease: an interactive case study
       Dr Matthew Jones
       Consultant Neurologist, Salford
       This symposium has been initiated and is being funded by Biogen
12.50-13.50     Lunch and exhibition viewing
      Afternoon Chair: Professor John O’Brien, Professor of Old Age Psychiatry, University of Cambridge
13.50-14.15     The future for palliative care in dementia
      Dr Liz Sampson
      Reader in Palliative Care Research, University College London
14.15-14.20     Discussion
14.20-14.45     Hospital liaison: past and future
      Professor George Tadros
      Professor of Old Age Psychiatry, University of  Warwickshire
14.45-14.50       Discussion
14.50-15.20     Refreshments and exhibition viewing
15.20-15.45      The future for the international dementias scene  
      Professor Martin Prince
      Professor of Epidemiological Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry, London 
15.45-15.50      Discussion
15.50-16.25     Biological treatments for dementia: what's new and what's to come
      Professor Roy Jones 
      Research Institute for the Care of Older People, Bath
16.25-16.30     Discussion
16.30-18.30     Drinks reception and close of day one

Friday 9th February

09.00-09.30     Registration and refreshments

Morning Chair: Professor Joe Herzberg, Emeritus Professor of Postgraduate Education, Queen Mary

University of  London 

09.30-10.05      Keynote address: Rising to the challenge of secondary prevention of Alzheimer's disease
      Professor Simon Lovestone
      Professor of Translational Neuroscience, University of Oxford
10.05-10.10     Discussion
10.10-10.45     Keynote address: What are we learning about supporting people with dementia and those who
      care for them?
      Professor Eneida Mioshi 
      Professor of Dementia Care, University of East Anglia
10.45-10.50     Discussion
10.50-11.15     The future of the prevention of dementias 
      Professor Gill Livingston 
      Professor of Psychiatry in Older People, University College London
11.15-11.20     Discussion
11.20-11.50     Refreshments and exhibition viewing
11.50-12.15     What predicts missed diagnosis among people with dementia? 
      Professor Tom Dening
      Professor of Dementia Research, University of Nottingham
12.15-12.20     Discussion
12.20-12.45     New horizons for dementia from the Land of the Rising Sun
      Dr Iracema Leroi
      Professor of Clinical Dementia Research, University of Manchester
12.45-12.50     Discussion
12.50-14.00     Lunch and exhibition viewing
      Afternoon Chair: Professor Tom Arie, Professor Emeritus of Health Care of the Elderly, Nottingham 
14.00-14.30     The future of dementia and the law 
      Dr Jonathan Waite
      Clinical Lead for Dementia, NHS East Midlands, Former Consultant Psychiatrist & Former Lord Chancellor's
14.30-14.35     Discussion
14.35-15.05     Quality and innovation in old age psychiatry: a historical perspective
      Dr Claire Hilton
      Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust


15.10-15.35     Communicating with the public on dementia
      Professor Michael Hornberger
      Head of Department & Professor of Applied Dementia Research, University of East Anglia
15.35-15.40     Discussion
15.40-16.05     Two clinical cases
      Dr Yasir Hameed
      Psychiatrist and Lecturer, University of East Anglia
16.05-16.10     Discussion
16.10-16.15     Closing comments & evaluations
16.15     Refreshments and close of conference